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There are several scriptures in the Bible that give us Christians an insight on how God expects us to treat our bodies. One such verse can be found in Romans 12:1-2, which in a nutshell, talks about offering our bodies as living sacrifices to the Almighty and not allowing ourselves to be conformed to the standards of this world. God wants to use each and every one of us for the greater good of the world whether through evangelism or other forms of ministry. In order to do this, we have to be in perfect health and this involves not only eating a well-balanced diet in the right proportion but also keeping fit. We live in a society where eating fast food is a ritual to most and with it comes various health conditions that render people bedridden or in serious cases causes death. It is thus imperative that we do not follow the crowd but lean on the Bible for guidance.

Corinthians 10:31 states, “so whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Everything that we do, from the moment we get up in the morning till we lay our head to rest, should honor the Lord; whether it’s in our homework or how we relate to people, it should be in a manner that is pleasing to God; nutrition is no exception. So while we have our breakfast, lunch or dinner, we should take time to ask ourselves if what we are consuming would cause more harm than good to our bodies and whether or not God would be happy with our food choices owing to the fact that our bodies are a gift from God and should be treated with love and care.

1 John 2:16–17 which in summary says that the cravings of the world do not come from the Father but from the world. What this implies in relevance to nutrition is the careless eating habits and greed that our society indulges in e.g. overeating due to an insatiable desire for food, or binge eating due to stress, is incompatible with all that God stands for and if we are not for God then we fall out of grace with Him.

Proverbs 22:1-12 gives us various teachings on how we Christians should lead our lives e.g. having fear of the Lord, training your child with the guidance of the Bible, being generous among others. This is very applicable in the topic of nutrition; for example verse 6 tells us that raising a child in a godly manner ensures that he will keep these values with him and pass them on to his children. Some of these values pertain to health. There are a lot of parents in our society who do not give their children proper nutritional guidance and some of them grow up to be obese and therefore are made prone to heart conditions, and because they weren’t raised with proper values, they teach their own kids the same thing and this is why we have such a large population of unhealthy people in a never ending vicious cycle. In addition to this, Proverbs 23:9 also talks about generosity; some people in our society who have been blessed by God with a lot of wealth hoard more food than they need and actually end up throwing out some of it instead of giving it to the less fortunate. This is very inhumane and displeasing to God, who constantly reminds us to love one another as He has loved us.

Proverbs 23:19-23 talks about not indulging in drunkenness and overeating but instead follow the guidance of the Lord through His teachings from the Bible. Overconsumption of alcohol can have serious consequences to the body. In an article by, “A liver clogged with fat causes liver cells to become less efficient at performing their necessary tasks, resulting in impairment of a person’s nutritional health.  Fatty liver is the first stage of liver deterioration in heavy drinkers, and interferes with the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the liver’s cells.  If the condition persists long enough, the liver cells will die, forming fibrous scar tissue (the second stage of liver deterioration, or fibrosis).In addition to this alcohol can also lead to brain damage or worse still, death.

One of the verses that struck me in Revelations 18 was verse 4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues,” which basically echoes what the other Bible verses mentioned above in terms of leading a life that is pleasing to God and therefore disentangling yourself from the world and walking in God’s path.

A lot of people in our society live to eat as opposed to eating to live. Some do it out of greed; others do it as a means of escaping the harsh realities of life while on the flip side others disregard the benefits of food and how important it is in nourishing our minds and bodies which leads to health conditions such as Bulimia and Anorexia. I try very hard to lead a life that is pleasing to God (Corinthians 10:31) including eating and drinking right thereby giving my body the due respect that it deserves. I will have to admit though, that there have been times when I have found myself binge eating especially when I am very stressed out by school work. During this period, I found that I gain so much weight to the point where it affected my daily performance. Reading and listening to the teachings from these Bible scriptures either from church or during my personal time with God has helped me to get on track with my life and lead a healthier lifestyle check this


Corporate social responsibility is the business activity whereby an organization engages in societal activities. Corporate citizenship can help to implement corporate social responsibility. However, it is the responsibility of the management of an organisation to develop sustainable corporate social responsibility programs to improve the reputation of an organisation leading to better performance (Bhattacharya et al 2011, 23-83). In this regard, this report will discuss the corporate social responsibility practices as it has been implemented by Qatargas which began to implement the corporate social responsibility policy in the year 2010. 

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There are various corporate social responsibility practices which have been developed and practiced by Qatargas. In the first place, Qatargas developed a social investment programs in the period 2010-2012 which included education, community and environment. This social investment program includes sponsorships such as educations sponsorships (Spence et al 2004, 96). The Qatargas energy Company sponsors needy students in the society both in the northern communities and Ras Laffan Industrial City. The aim of sponsoring the needy students in the society aims at improving the community development by encouraging innovation and enabling the society to acquire best skills. These skills help to improve the economic development by making use of the basic skills hence improving the relationship between the organisation and the society. 

In addition, there are also donations to the society besides donating the financial support to the society and schools. This is one of the corporate social responsibility programs for the period 2010-2012 and this aims at improving the development of education in the society (Spence et al 2004, 108-205). The donations to the schools can be in the form of books and installing facilities for recreational activities to be used by the students in schools. This helps to market Qatargas by creating good reputation of the company and also perception of the customers. However, this can be costly but can improve the sales of the company by creating good perception of the company through the word of mouth.

In addition, the Qatargas Company promotes road safety programs. The corporate social responsibility of the company policy has helped the company to conduct campaigns regarding the safety in the roads. The aim of the road safety programs is to ensure that accidents taking place in roads are minimized by avoiding mistakes that can lead to accidents. This helps to improve the wellbeing of the society since all the road users both the pedestrians and drivers observe the safety rules hence avoiding the high rate of deaths that occur due to carelessness and negligence (Kerr et al 2009, 53). For instance, there are road safety programs that can be placed as a way of doing the road safety campaigns hence promoting Qatargas by creating good image to all road users and in the process they can be aware of the products and services which are provided by Qatargas.

Another corporate social responsibility practice which is implemented by Qatargas is sponsoring sports and other events. One of the marketing strategies employed by Qatargas is through sponsorships. In this effect, sponsoring the sports and events programs in the society helps to promote Qatargas to the global customers. Besides helping to nurture the talents of individuals in the society, the company will be able to attract the global market demand since the lovers of the sponsored event can take a step to buy the products or invest in the company (Kerr et al 2009, 82). Sponsoring the events and sports further helps to improve the sales of the company and also building strong global brand which creates competitive advantage by attracting and retaining more customers. 

Qatargas Company also provides donations to the local NGOs that work in the communities. The local NGOs help to provide essential products and services to the community which is not provided sufficiently by the government (Oppewal et al 2006, 86). Therefore, sponsoring the NGOs in the society is helpful in building good relationship between Qatargas and the community. This means that there will be no conflicts hence the activities of Qatargas will be readily accepted. 

The main benefit of engaging in corporate social responsibility is to ensure that the brand is recognized and its activities are accepted in the global market context. In this effect, corporate social responsibility helps to promote good citizenship and responsibility of the company and its stakeholders leading to competitive advantage. However, it is important to note that corporate social responsibility policy does not come without financial resources (Lantos 2001, 125). The financial budget of the company should include the corporate social responsibility activities. For instance in the year 2010-2012, the social investment program cost Qatargas Company 6.9 million. This can affect the overall profitability of the organization. 


The corporate social responsibility can be improved by Qatargas by conducting environmental campaigns so that the society can understand the strategies that can be implemented to preserve the environment (Lantos 2001, 103). For instance, the recycling techniques should be promoted to the society so that they can recycle materials with the aim of preserving the environment and the recycling techniques should be sponsored by the company. 

In addition, the corporate social responsibility can be improved by providing employment opportunities to the local community. In this way, the local community will be able to improve their living standards and also provide raw materials to the company (Oppewal et al 2006, 93). This will help Qatargas to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the local community.  


This report discussed the concepts of corporate social responsibility. Qatargas has been concerned with the corporate social responsibility practices with the aim of improving the reputation of the company and its activities to be readily accepted. The main corporate social responsibility practices that have been implemented by Qatargas in the investment year 2010-2012 include educational sponsorships, donations to schools and NGOs and sponsoring sports and events. However, corporate social responsibility can be improved by developing environmental conservation programs and developing recycling techniques. 


A condition precedent is an action or event that must occur first; other than lapse of time, before a certain obligation is performed.[ Black’s Law Dictionary] In contract law, a condition precedent could be imposed either with respect to formation of a contract or its performance. From both perspectives, such a condition can also be manifested in two different ways. The first one is that it could be a very fundamental term of the contract, such that if it is not met by the other party, then the contract can ultimately be repudiated.[ In most cases, such a condition comes in the form of terms implied by statute regarding the subject matter of that contract. For instance, if the goods are not fit for the purpose they are meant to serve, then the contract can easily be terminated on the grounds that that condition was breached.] In the second way, there is also room for simply put, contingent conditions which are just dependent on performance or occurrence of certain uncertain events. The former was evidenced in the case of Meehan v Jones.[(1982) 149 CLR 571 ] In this case a contract for the sale of land was entered into subject to the purchaser acquiring suitable finances. What amounted to suitable finance was never defined. Gibbs CJ stated that this contract would still stand because it still imposed on the purchaser an obligation to act with reasonableness i.e in the case illustrated in

In the case at hand, Dapple Inc. expressed via email their intention to buy Petunia’s patent only if it was compatible with the all computers’ operating systems. This was met by an acceptance from Petunia who gave the company an assurance that the device was compatible even though it was discovered later that it had not even been tested. The second set of facts involves a promise by Petunia to TSE University that she would advance $50,000 to it as gratuity. This promise found itself in the contract in the sense that Petunia required the payment to the University in part settlement of the contract. Therefore, Petunia’s retraction of the earlier advancement to the University and the decline by the company to proceed with the contract also affected the interests of the University. The biggest issue that has to be dealt with in this paper is the question; did the email communication from Dapple to Petunia offering to buy the patent license constitute a condition precedent to contract formation or to performance?


On Conditions Precedent to formation

The overriding implication of a condition precedent to formation is that the contract cannot come into existence before such a condition is satisfied. In light of this, a condition precedent may either take the form of a promissory condition or a concurrent condition. A promissory condition always imposes a contractual obligation whose performance is core to existence of the contract. It always implies that a party does not have the obligation to perform unless the condition is fulfilled. If it touches fundamentally on the mercantile quality of the subject matter, then the contract can also be said not to have existed if it is not fulfilled. In the case of Perri v Coolangata Investments Pty Ltd,[ [1982] HCA 29] the defendant had made an undertaking to take all reasonable steps that would lead to fulfillment of the contingent condition. This was construed by the court to also form part of the promissory condition.

Concurrent conditions on the other hand are those obligations agreed to by both parties to be performed contemporaneously such that the contract can only be in force or fully performed if both parties have successfully performed their part of the bargain. There is also another categorization of contingent conditions. Contingent conditions involves terms which are in most cases beyond the party’s control in terms of them being performed. They essentially render the contract voidable at the choice of the party which did not default. In most cases, contingent conditions come in the form of occurrence of natural events or improvement of financial stability which cannot be within the control of any of the parties. 

On Conditions of Performance

Conditions of performance are not promissory and can thus not affect the validity of that contract. The effect of inclusion of a condition of performance in a contract is that it renders the contract voidable ab initio. Therefore, it is within the behest of the party which is not in default to rescind the contract once the other party fails to comply with the condition of performance. The most essential element that the court considers while deciding on the viability of conditions of performance is the degree of control that a party has over the condition Imposed against him. This was expressed in the case of Gange v Sullivan[ [1966] HCA 55] the court decided that the contract was validly terminated because the terms that had been breached by the plaintiff regarded issues he would have had full control over and thus failure to comply would ultimately lead to termination.


The dispute between Dapple Inc. and Petunia can only be prudently analyzed having ascertained whether the first email sent by the company contained a condition of formation or a condition of performance. If it is found that the requirement that the ipen device be compatible with all computers’ operating systems was a condition of formation then since that condition was breached, then it would imply that there was no contract at all. On the other hand, if this paper goes ahead to ascertain that the first email was a condition of performance, that would mean that the contract existed but then since the condition was not fulfilled, it would only subsist at the will of the innocent party; Dapple Inc. Having established the classification of this condition, we can go ahead and safely analyse if there existed any obligation of Dapple Inc. towards TSE University.

To start with, the assessment on whether the email contained a condition of formation centers on the nature of the condition to the subject matter of the contract. Owing to this, the question that has to be asked is what is the reason for the company to insist on the compatibility of the device to the operating system of all computers? The answer to this question is very straight forward. The device could not at any point be of any probative value to the company if it was not compatible to with their computers and this would ultimately defeat the purpose of the whole transaction. Therefore, this condition rightly falls under promissory conditions and as we have previously established, promissory conditions go to the root of the contract and failure to comply with them is a fundamental breach which even implies that the contract was never formed in the first place. Also, the assurance by Petunia that the device was indeed compatible with all computers’ operating system can be termed as a fraudulent misrepresentation which, in the event that it is ruled that the contract was validly formed, it can be used to vitiate the contract by rescission.

With the establishment that the formation of the contract did not even take place, it means that there would be no need to consider the mode of performance prescribed by Petunia and validity of any claim by TSE University against the company. However, if the dispute happens to get there, Dapple Inc. can rely on two major arguments. The first one is that the manner in which a contract is performed is not a fundamental term in a contract and it can thus not lead to repudiation of the whole agreement. Also, since Petunia had retracted the initial scholarship which she had awarded the college, there was nothing much that could be done by the Company. The second line of thought is about privity of contracts. Privity of contracts is the rule which requires that only parties to a contract can be allowed to enforce it. In the case of Dunlop Pneumatic Tyres v Selfridge & co,[ [1915] AC 847] a third party could not enforce a claim on the discount rates of tyres because it was not privy to the initial transaction. In this same way, TSE University cannot have a valid claim against the company because it is not a party privy to the contract. It cannot as well enforce any rights against Petunia because there was no valid contract between the two. It was a just a gratuitous promise with neither intention to create legal relations nor consideration.


From the above analysis, it is safe to conclude that Dapple Inc. rightfully terminated their contract with Petunia because it never existed in the first place. And even if it subsisted, it had been entered into subject to a misrepresentation of facts, therefore it was revocable. Also, the goods, which are the subject matter of the transaction, were not of mercantile quality, which is a fundamental condition in formation of a contract.

Secondly, TSE University cannot institute any successful action against Dapple Inc. because it does not have the locus to enforce a contract it was not party to in the first place. Privity of contracts will come in handy. In addition to this, Petunia’s promise to the institution to advance to them $50,000 does not fulfill any of the elements of a contracts and thus Petunia can also not be held accountable for failure to release that money.





Human Resource Challenges

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The scenario calls for Paul to seek intervention from the HR department. The disturbing emails seem to come from an anonymous person who knows Paul, and it could a co-worker or somebody else working in the same organization who has information about him. The state of affairs calls for immediate investigations. Paul can launch discrimination charges against him at the workplace. Every organization has a set of standards that calls all employees to comply. Paul is facing sexual harassment at work that is not allowed by the rule of law. Organizations have a work ethic code that cautions employees from unwelcome sexual advances, demands or requests for sexual favors or any other behavior that is sexual in nature (Fallon & McConnell, 2014).



Paul could take the matters into his own hands, but that could harm his colleague workers and his position in the organization. He should confide with HR manager in order to do relevant investigation. The HR manager can then ask for assistance from the IT support in the organization in order to identify the source of the bad emails and the anonymous sender. In the event the sender is identified, HR can take legal action or issue a relevant punishment based on the rules and regulations of that organization. One way the organization can use to prevent or detect scenarios of that nature is installation of technological devices. Anonymous software can be installed on the computers to monitor internet activity of each worker when such a complaint is launched. Technology has made it feasible for individuals and organizations to trace and track anonymous emails and multimedia content.



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Fallon, L., & McConnell, C. (2014). Human resource management in health care (2nd ed.). Sudbury, Mass.: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.







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